indoor air quality

Air quality does not only concern “outdoor” environmental pollution but, even more so, indoor residential and work places, powing to the fact that volatile organic compounds exist as gases at room temperature and the main route of exposure is through normal breathing.

Exposure to harmful Volatile Organic Compounds therefore can occur indoors, outdoors, or in the workplace.

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For most of our day, we breathe indoors, at home, and in the office, and it is this air quality that should therefore concern us most.

In addition to viruses and microorganisms, volatile organic compounds are consistently listed as one of the most significant pollutants in indoor environments.

the sum of two benefits

Since the photocatalytic process of TiO2 is also activated by emissions in the UVC range, the two systems are natural partners for the development of a filter system that, with a single pass, abates:
– Bad smells
– Germs, bacteria and viruses

So why not take advantage of this opportunity to provide a total response to a problem that is comprehensive?

Any filter in the Depurex range can be activated by a UVC source to get the most out of the system.

Photocatalytic filtration, combined with UVC, is the most advanced answer to creating air treatment units that are really effective in reducing indoor pollution.

uvc sanitizing effect

The sterilizing effects ofultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) were discovered in the late 1800s and became established in the 1900s; UVCs modifies the DNA or RNA of microorganisms and thus prevent them from reproducing or being harmful.

The recent pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of air sanitization and the germicidal efficacy of UVCs has received much confirmation.

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