Bad Odors

odor abatement

Odor perception is becoming increasingly important, even beyond legal requirements.

The legal concept of

olfactory nuisance,

in fact, in some cases, odors can result in legal disputes with claims for damages.

Living in an environment with unpleasant odors, even if not harmful to health, is perceived as lowering the quality of life and can generate tensions with local communities, especially those living near industrial facilities.

For this reason, forward-looking companies are investing in solving the problem of odorigenic emissions.

Investing in odor management is not just an obligation, but an opportunity for companies to stand out from the competition and build a more sustainable future.

Eliminate odors with photocatalysis

An effective odor elimination system must take into account several factors:

  • typology of the odorous substance
  • quantity of air to be treated
  • space available for treatment
  • onerous maintenance
  • costs: both initial and recurring

In cases of conveyed or conveyable flows and low flow rates, a system based on photocatalytic filtration can be a valid and economical alternative to other types of systems such as scrubbers or biological filters.

The main advantages are: smaller footprint
> extreme simplicity of the system
> ease of maintenance, easily manageable without the intervention of external specialists
> greater effectiveness in the elimination of odors given by the intervention at the molecular level.

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Depurex progetta e produce filtri fotocatalitici trattati al biossido di titanio per l’abbattimento di composti organici volatili, di cattivi odori e la sanificazione dell’aria da virus e batteri.