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Odor abatement: types and methods

Odor abatement is the process of reducing or eliminating unpleasant odors from an environment.

The perception of a bad odor should not be underestimated because it may not relate exclusively to the well-being aspect, namely perceived annoyance, but could be indicative of the presence of a pollutant in the air and

Sanificazione Aria

Air sanitization: the bactericidal power of titanium dioxide

Photocatalysis has been shown to kill a wide range of organisms, including Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, including endospores, fungi, algae, protozoa, and viruses, as well as to inactivate prions and destroy microbial toxins

emissions in the atmosphere

Solvent abatement

Case Study of a solvent abatement plant with titanium dioxide photocatalytic filters installed at a mapping industry of European significance.


Fabric softener: a toxic source?

Even a product that gives us pleasant and positive feelings like fabric softener, with its scent of “good” and “clean,” is actually a source of toxic substances including volatile organic compounds.

Depurex progetta e produce filtri fotocatalitici trattati al biossido di titanio per l’abbattimento di composti organici volatili, di cattivi odori e la sanificazione dell’aria da virus e batteri.