The pandemic of the COVID virus, and the realization that there will be further outbreaks in the coming years, has brought widespread attention and sensitivity to issues related to indoor air quality and thus to purification systems.

Not everyone knows that photocatalytic filtration not only breaks down volatile organic compounds and foul odors, but is remarkably effective in killing bacteria and viruses (especially in conjunction with a light source in the UVC range).

To spread awareness of this quality of photocatalytic filtration, we share the interesting article by Eng. Gian Luca GUERRINI “PHOTOCATALYSIS AND VIRUS” (credits below).

What is photocatalysis? How can it be harnessed for sanitation purposes? Is it active against viruses? We make the point by actualizing it to the pandemic situation created by the SARS-CoV-2 virus outbreak. A brief discussion of how surfaces and building products can be functionalized to achieve effective results in improving the environmental conditions in which we find ourselves

The DEPUREX filter media responds exactly to the scheme hypothesized by the author in the article, except that it combines the two filters into one.

In other words, the DEPUREX filtration system does not consist of 2 filters-carbon + photocatalytic filter-as shown in the figure but of a single filter in which the very high-efficiency activated carbon media is treated with TiO2.

Infografica Filtrazione Fotocatalitica 800x500 1

One issue that rightly worries air handling unit manufacturers, and which often prevents them from using advanced filtration systems, is pressure drop. On the other hand, the higher the degree of filtration, the more “closed” the filter material.

DEPUREX filters have a very low pressure drop, thus enabling the creation of high-performance air treatment systems in terms of purification without penalizing the system.


Published online at www.ingenio-web.it, April 10, 2020


DO – 10.13140/RG.2.2.14041.88163

Learn more about how DEPUREX's photocatalytic filters can help you break down volatile organic compounds, odors, indoor pollution, and air emissions.
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