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emissions in the atmosphere

A complex and expensive plant is not always necessary to comply with the limits imposed by law for atmospheric emissions from industrial plants.

Photocatalytic filtration is an ideal solution when the concentration and flow values make the adoption of other solutions excessively expensive.

Depending on the quantity of air and the concentration of pollutants, the system is sized using the appropriate quantity of FF600 filters.

The use of cartridges allows a modularity in the realization of the system that can be dimensioned with extreme ease.

The system has a limited footprint and does not create dust or dirt in the work environment.

Filter replacement is programmable, simple and autonomous.

solvent abatement

For the treatment of 3,000 Nm3 / h, a system consisting of 6 filters may be sufficient for a footprint of approximately 1500x1000x1000.

what are volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are low-boiling point substances that evaporate from solids or liquids used in industrial processes, for example formaldehyde evaporating from paints or benzene from fuel (link to full list of VOCs).

The reduction of VOC levels concerns both the emissions into the atmosphere of industrial plants, but, since they exist as a gas at room temperature and the main route of exposure is through normal breathing, even the closed environments of daily use such as homes, commercial environments or work place.

The titanium dioxide photocatalysis of Depurex photocatalytic filters, unlike more crude systems such as activated carbon, allows for a control in the process of abatement of volatile organic compounds of emissions into the atmosphere.

a real case of solvent abatement

Atmospheric emissions (mainly solvents) beyond the legal limits from a Heidelberg printing plant of a leading cartographic industry.

Atmospheric emissions, 3,000 nmc/h, were abated with a system consisting of 6 Depurex FF600 filters.

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Odor abatement: types and methods

Odor abatement is the process of reducing or eliminating unpleasant odors from an environment.

The perception of a bad odor should not be underestimated because it may not relate exclusively to the well-being aspect, namely perceived annoyance, but could be indicative of the presence of a pollutant in the air and therefore harmful to health.

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Depurex progetta e produce filtri fotocatalitici trattati al biossido di titanio per l’abbattimento di composti organici volatili, di cattivi odori e la sanificazione dell’aria da virus e batteri.