Industrial Filters

Aftermarket Industrial Filters:
A Competitive and Cost-Effective Solution

The constant quest for efficiency and competitiveness has also spread the use of aftermarket filters to the industrial sector, a practice that has long been common for the automotive market.

Aftermarket filters are replacement filters that are compatible with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) filters, of the same build quality, made with the same materials and specifications, and at a lower cost than the originals.

In addition to this, Depurex produces filters that are no longer on the market such as, for example, replacement filters for "Idrodepurex" welding fume extraction machines (also marketed under the brand name "Depur-System" or "Depurex").

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To receive an offer, fill out the form with all the information you have, attaching a photo if possible.

The product photo is essential in the case of missing or very dated codes. 

We will do our best to find your replacement.

Depurex progetta e produce filtri fotocatalitici trattati al biossido di titanio per l’abbattimento di composti organici volatili, di cattivi odori e la sanificazione dell’aria da virus e batteri.