depurex photocatalytic filters

Depurex photocatalytic filters are made of a multilayer of non-woven fabric containing an intermediate layer of high efficiency activated carbon microspheres; one side of the media is treated with high quality titanium dioxide.

ALL air then passes through the media and ALL pollutants (not only VOCs) are retained by activated carbons and come into contact with titanium dioxide; UV rays have time to activate photocatalysis and break down the pollutant molecules of the retained VOCs, regenerating the carbons.

tailor-made solutions

Since 2011, we have been designing and manufacturing customized photocatalytic filters intended for applications requiring high performance in air treatment.

In fact, only photocatalytic technology can guarantee high levels of purification over a wide range of pollutants and, if necessary, even a sanitizing effect by means of UVC rays.

Odor abatement, purification from volatile organic compound pollutants, and bactericidal sanitization: in one filter device.

Benefits that are calibrated to the specific requirements of the specific product, whose purification needs we analyze, the scope for which the application is intended, and, taking into account the dimensional limitations of the product, we design the best possible solution.

By analyzing the data on the air quality to be treated, we are able to predict the frequency of filter replacement according to the desired results.

A customized product ensures not only perfect compliance with technical requirements, but is also a commercial advantage by allowing complete control of spare parts management.

sun-activated filters

The simplest and most economical solution to take full advantage of the benefits of photocatalytic filtration.

The filter is constructed by placing the titanium dioxide-treated fabric side outward; photocatalysis is activated by sunlight.

The ideal solution for applications that do not require extreme process control, such as, for example, abatement of atmospheric emissions of odorigenic emissions.

Available in different sizes, up to a maximum flow rate of about 500 m3/h.

self-illuminating filter systems

This system is designed to solve purification problems where there is no possibility of exposing the filter to direct sunlight, i.e., where the amount and/or concentrations of pollutants require a higher filtering capacity

Each cartridge contains its own UV lamp assembly and is therefore self-contained.

This allows maximum flexibility in the implementation of the plant, which is sized according to specific needs.

Each cartridge handles up to a maximum flow rate of about 500 m3/h.

panel filters

Panel filters made to measure on request for both industrial and consumer applications.

Available both as a filter only and as a system with UV lighting included.

special systems

Custom designs are our specialty, and therefore, we can design and manufacture filter systems for special needs.

Systems where photocatalytic filtration is combined with other filter technologies to achieve otherwise unobtainable performance.

Pictured is a system combining photocatalytic filtration, HEPA filtration and UVC radiation.


Depurex progetta e produce filtri fotocatalitici trattati al biossido di titanio per l’abbattimento di composti organici volatili, di cattivi odori e la sanificazione dell’aria da virus e batteri.