Volatile Organic Compounds – List

Volatile organic compounds make up the bulk of urban and indoor pollution.

Several chemical compounds belong to this category, of which the most important from a toxicological and mutagenic point of view is formaldehyde.

Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) pollution in indoor air are diverse and affect somewhat all household objects and activities: primarily construction and furnishing materials (whose emissions persist even for years), cosmetic or deodorizing products, cigarette smoke, cleaning materials and various products (e.g., glues, adhesives, solvents, paints), recently processed clothes in the laundry, heating devices, printers and photocopiers.

Photocatalytic filtration acts against all volatile organic compounds, with differentiated effectiveness depending on the molecular bond strength of individual elements.

Download the complete list of volatile organic compounds and check if the pollutant you want to control is present. If present, a Depurex photocatalytic filter is the most effective solution to solve your problem.

Learn more about how DEPUREX photocatalytic filters can help you solve indoor pollution and air emission issues.

For further information on the classification of VOCs, see the US Environmental Protection Agency ‘s (EPA) list of Volatile Organic Compounds.

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